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Pick Axe Porter with Molasses

Pick Axe Porter with Molasses is a dark beer mustard with a full rich flavor. This mustard is made with Pick Axe Porter from Silver Gulch, America's Northern-most brewery in Fox, Alaska. We sweeten this mustard with rich dark molasses and let it caramelize until it is the color of dark chocolate. This mustard is wonderful on beef, sausages and as a pretzel dip. Pick Axe porter is available year round.

Sold Out- Dineega Dill

Sold Out - This is a smooth full flavored mustard and a dill lovers trip to paradise. We use premium dill weed and dill seed to give this mustard a striking flavor with seductive character. This mustard is excellent on steaks as a rub and as a marinade for both salmon and halibut. Naming this mustard with the Athabaskan word for moose is my tribute to all my "family" back home along the Yukon River.

Sold Out- Curried Apricot

Sold Out- Curried Apricot is a sweet mustard made with mild sweet curry, apricot preserves and dried organic apricots (to avoid sulfites). The idea for this product came from our travels in Southern Africa and the popular use of a curried apricot sauce used as a sosatie dip and as a glaze during Braais (barbeques). When tested at the Fairbanks Farmer's Market customers demanded we add it to our product line. This mustard goes well with any meat and makes a superb glaze for chicken and pork.

Alaska Wildfire

Alaska Wildfire is a smoky medium/hot mustard. This mustard contains horseradish and over five different types of peppers (including piquin, dandicut and guillio). While our mustard is "nicely warm" we wanted to keep the richness of the peppers without sacrificing the flavor to the heat. With the amount of wildfires the interior has seen in the last couple of years we almost named this one "Fairbanks Summer". It has quickly become the local favorite and is our tribute to the Smokejumpers who brave the flames.

Alder Smoked

Alder Smoked is a complex mustard with a rich deep smoky flavor. This mustard is made with whole brown and yellow mustard seeds that have been naturally smoked in an Alaskan smoke house. Our local customers love it with a platter of smoked salmon, cheese and crackers. This mustard is great on anything but is fantastic with salmon. Alder Smoked is available year round.

Cranberry Northern Da'Light

Cranberry Northern Da'Light is a sweet mustard with a full bodied taste. This mustard is made with a combination of High-bush Cranberry, Rose Hip and Fireweed syrups. Our whole cranberries are the Alaskan low-bush variety and are handpicked in the fall. This mustard is wonderful on a turkey or chicken sandwich and makes a nice glaze for halibut or other white fish. Cranberry Northern Da'Light is a seasonal mustard.

Ginger Birch

Ginger Birch is a sweet mustard with a bit of a kick due to our use of fresh ginger root. This mustard is made with syrup harvested in the spring from Birch trees in the Alaskan Interior. The trees are tapped and the syrup is boiled down in a manner similar to Maple syrup. This mustard goes great on a ham sandwich, makes an excellent glaze for pork or chicken and gives potato salad just the right zing. Ginger Birch is a seasonal mustard.

Savory Spruce

Savory Spruce is a sweet mustard with a light lemon taste. This mustard is made with syrup created by boiling down the new tips of White Spruce trees, which are harvested during the spring in the Alaskan Interior. This mustard is excellent on a roast beef sandwich and also makes a superb glaze for a pork roast or salmon fillet. Savory Spruce is a seasonal mustard.


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