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Gourmet Alaskan Moosetard Mustard, Bearinade Sauces, Lead Dog BBQ Sauce and Rub, Denali Sp’ices and Alaska Frost Sugars

Welcome to Moosetard. We specialize in unique gourmet coarse ground mustards and strive to keep our flavors as unique and wild as Alaska.

The syrups that give many of our mustards their unique flavor are harvested from local trees and wildflowers. Our berries are all hand picked in the Alaskan Interior by family and friends. Several of our mustards are available only seasonally due to the harvest times of certain ingredients.

Our all natural Alaskan syrup mustards are our own original family recipes established years ago and are the first of their kind. Our Silver Gulch beer mustards are based on traditional recipes with an Alaskan twist. Great care is taken to produce the highest quality artisanal food product. All of our mustards are approved by the State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and the Federal Food and Drug Administration.

Moosetard is manufactured and packaged by hand in the Golden Heart city of Fairbanks, Alaska. We are constantly working on new products and welcome suggestions for flavors. Please also take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions and News sections.


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Kasha and Paul Ostbloom.

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