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Denali Sp’ice

Garlic Chili Seasoning

Our Denali Sp'ice Garlic Chili Seasoning is made with garlic and onion coated in Sweet & Spicy's Umami cayenne pepper glaze to make them nice and sticky.

Skadi's Sugar

Skadi's Sugar is made with natural Belgian Sugar Beet crystals that have been fused with cinnamon and nutmeg.  Norse legend says the beautiful frost giant Skadi (Ska-dee) was the goddess of winter, skiing and snowshoeing.  What better way to start or finish your winter activities than with a topping of Scandinavian style sugar.  Perfect for lefse, oatmeal, cinnamon toast and apples.  Just twist to top off pie, eggnog and your favorite hot drinks.

The Chef's Set

Our Denali Sp'ice Chef Set is the perfect gift for your favorite cook.  It contains our Alder Smoked Sea Salt, Hot Thyme Spice and Garlic Pepper Seasoning.  

The Happy Heart Spice Set (Salt & Sugar Free)

This gift set is great for the cook who wants to avoid salt and sugar but not flavor.  It contains our Hot Thyme Spice, Garlic Pepper Seasoning and our Alder Smoked Paprika.  

Alder Smoked Paprika

We smoke American Paprika for several days with Alder wood giving a sweet smoky flavor.  Use it on all kinds of meats and vegetables.  It gives the just the right amount of flavor to pulled pork, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, chicken dishes and even mac and cheese.  This paprika does contain Silicon Dioxide at less than 2% (anti-caking agent) and Ethoxyquin at less than 100ppm to preserve color. 

Hot Thyme

Our Hot Thyme was inspired after a few weeks at -40 F below last spring.  After looking for a way to warm up we decided HOT was the way to go.  Crushed chili pepper flakes mixed with thyme, yellow mustard seeds, onions and garlic creates a mulit purpose blend perfect for adding a little heat to a cold day.  Hot Thyme goes well with meats, fish, veggies, soup, and pasta.  Use it to top breads and even pizza!  The photo on our label is high noon on Winter Solstice showing the peak of our three hours of daylight.  

Alaskan Alder Smoked Sea Salt

We use salt harvested from Atlantic Ocean water which has been naturally filtered in the Brazilian Mangroves then allowed to dry with the sun and wind. We slowly and carefully smoke it with Alder wood gathered from the Alaskan Interior. The smooth smoky flavor is a wonderful complement to almost any dish and perfect for gourmet grilling. This 8 ounce bottle of sea salt comes with a built in grinder top. Try it on fries, baked potatoes, tomato slices, cucumber wedges, in soups, or mix it with olive oil to make a rub for fish and meats.

Garlic Pepper Seasoning

Our Garlic Pepper Seasoning is a blend of whole herbs and spices including garlic, black peppercorns, onion, brown mustard seed, and spices (no salt). A built in grinder top makes it easy to have fresh ground flavor every time. Our seasoning is perfect for meat, fish, pasta, potatoes, coleslaw, roasted veggies and added to warmed olive oil for dipping.

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